Corsham and Wiltshire Countryside

Wiltshire Countryside Walks

The picturesque scenery and beautiful countryside is one of the reasons people visit the town of Corsham and its surrounding towns. People look for peace and quiet here as well as an opportunity to explore the sights of the Cotswolds, the parks and the natural environment. The old English countryside has even been used as the location in film and television because of its natural and traditional beauty. More importantly, taking a walk or hike is free and good exercise. There are plenty of places to follow hiking trails and there are even hiking holidays in the Wiltshire area.Corsham Countryside


For those who are interested in the culture and history of this town, there are guided Corsham history tour walks available, organised by the Corsham Area Heritage and Information Centre. There is also the Corsham Court gardens and park for tours but you are able to take your own walks through the park and enjoy the beautiful scenery whenever you want.

Wiltshire Hiking

For passionate hikers, the White Horse trail in Wiltshire takes around eight days to cover and is 92 miles in length. The trail is so named for the eight white chalk horses carved into the hills. This trail includes the Wiltshire Downs, the River Kennet and the Avebury Ring. It also joins with other hiking trails along the way including the Wessex Ridgeway, the Mid-Wilts Way and parts of the Kennet and Avon Canal towpaths. There are some public houses and cafes on the way but depending on the time of year, they may not be open so taking food is a good idea.

There is also rambling clubs all over Wiltshire including the Chippenham Rambling Club, the Mid-Wiltshire Rambling Club and North-East Wiltshire Rambling Club. The Mid-Wiltshire club covers the Marlborough Downs in the north and Salisbury Plain in the south. Also covered is the historic town of Devizes and the trail cuts into the Kennet and Avon Canal. North East Wiltshire club covers the areas of Swindon and Marlborough. It also goes as far as the River Thames as well as covering Avebury and the boundary between Berkshire and Oxfordshire in the east. There are short or long walks available.

There are also many areas in Wiltshire great for self-guided walks. The beautiful historic areas to see include the famous Stonehenge and the equally prehistoric Avebury.

The Cotswolds

There are several guided and non-guided tours of the scenic Cotswolds. Many trails run through these famous hills including the trail which runs along the Cotswold village of Stroud and the five valleys. This was where sheep were bred and was an industrial area. Walking holidays are available. There are five day hikes beginning in Bath and ending in the Cotswolds.

Other areas to walk in the Cotswolds include Bourton-on-the-Water, the River Windrush, Winchcombe with its historic church and museums, Hailes Abbey and Chipping Camden. Chipping Camden is the most picturesque of the Cotswolds’ villages with its old wool church, marketplace and almshouses. There are also the villages of Broad Campden and Blockley. For further information and tours, the Corsham Area Heritage and Information Centre has plenty of maps and tour guides to help.